Warranty Details

7-10 years’ warranty against manufacturing defects and sagging (only for a foam).

Maintain quality


  • Do transport and handle with care
    While transporting mattress, please carton or bag it with polythene & carry it sideways.

  • Do use an appropriate frame and centre support to ensure validation of your warranty.
    Mattresses need to be paired with a solid and quality base to prevent uneven weight distribution, which can lead to improper spinal alignment and as well as potentially damage the mattress.

  • Do keep your bedding clean and use a mattress protector/cover from the beginning. Stains, soiling, fluid diffusion or other signs of abuse may void the warranty and make your bedding unentitled for repair or replacement.
    Bed Sheets, blankets, and pillowcases do accumulate sweat, body oils, and other dirt, which can gradually seep into your mattress if bedding is not regularly changed. Bedding also attracts dust mites and other allergens, which may interrupt sleep for individuals with allergies.

  • Do keep the space heaters away from your bed or other flammable items.
    In contact with fire sources and warm surfaces, such as open fire, a burning cigarette, burning candle or a warm lamp, the product can be damaged and the function can be impaired

  • Do Let your mattress breathe by pulling the covers back and allowing it to air for a while every day
    Airing your mattress is often overlooked and can really help to keep your bed in good condition. If you fail to let the mattress breath your mattress may end up with damp or shorter lifespan as moisture can start to damage your mattress. Ventilation is also key when your new mattress arrives.


  • Don’t bend excessively or jump on your mattress under any circumstances. Such treatment may damage the mattress.
    Please do not bend your mattress or the corners even when applying fitted sheets, going through doors, etc. However, jumping or even standing on your bed can put too much weight in one spot of your mattress – which would permanently damage it.

  • Don’t use the cleaning fluids on your mattress.
    The chemicals in cleaning fluids are harmful to the fabric and PU layers in your mattress, and should never be used for it.

  • Don’t remove or discard the model name label, as this will cause the warranty to be null & avoid.

  • Don’t allow your mattress to get wet. Any liquid water or other fluid will damage the foam.

  • Don’t smoke on bed since this is a common cause of fatal fires.